Funding for European startups soars

European startups received over $1B in new funding in Q3 2015. There were 90 deals to VC-backed UK companies in Q3’15. What explains this?  Continued low returns in fixed income, no apparent attractive recovery in...



QE’s impact on income inequality

Who benefited from all that money? The amount of money that has been pumped in to US economy (and through that to the world economy) is mind boggling. The graph below shows the increase in...

Video of the week: Charmian Gooch: My wish: To launch a new era of openness in business

seth godin

Friday quote: The Initiator, from Seth Godin

If you are not following Seth Godin, you should.  He provides delightful, inspiring and thought provoking snippets of write ups on his blog.  Today he talks about the the “Initiator“.  This goes out to all...

An old two pan balance

Personal gain at the expense of greater good?

Recent research by Wharton professor Brian Berkey discusses the impact of morality when making personal business decisions. The issues is not always crystal clear. Sometimes, personal gain may mean sacrificing form the greater good without...