Tiny Habits : Great Transformations

Tiny habits is a notion developed by Stanford’s BJ Fogg.  It is what it means:  very small acts that are aimed to become real habits.  And these habits, as small seeds, if planted correctly, can transform into great behavioral changes.

I first heard about tiny habits in a podcast with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. His newest tiny habit was to take one deep breath everyday.  This helped him calm down and reflect on the bigger picture.

There  are two main rules for tiny habits. First, they have to be tiny- such as flossing one tooth, or doing two push ups (these are tiny habits of BJ Fogg).  Second, they should be triggered by an existing habit.  Third you need to celebrate, reward yourself in a very easy way, after you perform  your tiny habit.

 The trickiest part is the trigger part.  Trigger means the tiny habit need to follow an act that you normally would do anyhow such as peeing, waking up, brushing your teeth, having coffee etc.  You attach your new tiny habit to an existing habit and there you go.

 I loved this concept.  I decided to start with the BJ Fogg’s tiny habit of two push ups and linked it with finishing up in the washroom in the mornings.

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