Friday quote: The Initiator, from Seth Godin

If you are not following Seth Godin, you should.  He provides delightful, inspiring and thought provoking snippets of write ups on his blog.  Today he talks about the the “Initiator“.  This goes out to all who want to make a difference.

The initiator
For each person who cares enough to make something, who is bold enough to ship it, who is generous enough to say, “here, I made this,”…

There are ten people who say, “I could have done it better.”

A hundred people who say, “Who are you to do this?”

A thousand people who say, “I was just about to do that,”

and ten thousand people who don’t care at all.

And all of that is okay, because the person we need, the one we cherish, the one we would miss, is the first person, the initiator, the one who cares.

Thanks for shipping your work.

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Thanks Seth Godin for writing and sharing your thoughts.


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