About me and BusinessAndDevelopment

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I created this space to write about and share what I read on business and economic development.

I see entrepreneurial and sustainable business as the solution to positive economic, social and political development. I believe that entrepreneurship is the key provider of all required ingredients for achieving lasting and meaningful advancement in all these areas.

A business should be satisfying to its founders, investors, employees, customers and communities. The building and running of such a creation is something I find very exciting. This requires good leaders and good managers who invest in improving themselves and their people, so they can improve their businesses and everything around them.
When I am not working or consulting, I use this space to write on business ideas, strategy, economic development and life in general to continue my own learning and to spread my enthusiasm about fulfilling business.

About me?

Here is more on linkedin: www.linkedin/canatacik

Can has over 10 years of experience in international economic development and finance, including 5 years at the World Bank in Washington DC.  His work in finance has focusing on cross border mergers and acquisitions, renewable energy finance and venture capital investments.

He currently lives with his wife in Istanbul, Turkey and runs an angel fund and a venture capital fund, and serves on the board of several companies including a leading Turkish mining company.

He graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD where he studied the Great Books Program.  He holds two graduate degrees from University of Pennsylvania; MGA in government administration and B.A. in international relations.

He is an avid sailor, an adventurist cook and loving husband.

You can contact him at can(at)